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5 Outstanding 2000 Watts Amps

If you are looking forward to enhancing your car’s sound system, an amplifier is what you probably need. This device makes sure that your car delivers the full capacity of a sound while still sounding clear and smooth.

You can easily say that the amp is the central key to an outstanding car sound system, mainly because it gives you access to everything from bass to speaker output and distortion. However, there’s more to an amp than improving your sound system. Apart from power, the perfect amplifier has to provide efficacy regarding internal components, and also match the magnitude and power of the speakers. One mistake that enthusiasts usually make is to overcrowd their cars with speakers. This is not particularly good mainly because it causes a disproportionate sound.

Why a 2000 watt amplifier?

The number says it all. A 2000 watt amplifier is there to give you the ultimate sound experience. As much as it’s fascinating, it also comes with responsibilities. For instance, it’s of big importance, when you buy such a grand amplifier, to upgrade the subwoofer too so that it matches the unit.

Best 2000 watt amps

1. Hifonics Zeus  

Just as its name suggests, this 2000 watt amp is an almighty sound unit. At only 200 dollars, this model delivers a wide array of versatile functions. Thus, you can control whether you want to power up the entire speaker system or just the subwoofers and some mids. Concerning the external material, Hifonics made sure to equip the model with a layer of an aluminum heatsink to minimize the chances of overheating. As for the bass, you can bet on a leveled and proportionate response.

2. SCV 2000D  

Although costlier than Hifonics’ Zeus, SVC 2000D is accredited by the connoisseurs to deliver an impeccable sound power. Designed for subwoofers, this model provides maybe the best harmonious and clear sound performance. Also, SVC 2000D is optimized to filter low-end infrasound that ensures greater headroom and volume.

3. Pyle PLTA580

 Having been designed for larger vehicles, this amplifier requires a 24 DC battery to power it and is more flexible to a larger number of speakers. Unlike the other amps, this one caters to a wide array of features such as a MOSFET switch power supplies that balances the voltages, high and low filters alike, and pulse width modulation technology. At 200 dollars, Pyle PLTA580 comes with blue-ribbon RCA connectors and air-induction.

4. Rockville DB12 2000 Watt Car Amplifier 

This is a mono car amp that has both a fancy design and competitive functions. With a fully adjustable 12 dB/octave crossover, as well as a 12 dB bass equalizer this model, will provide you with a smooth and clean sound. Moreover, it has a subsonic filter that clears out the infrasound, mute function, and a Delay Soft Start System.

5. Skar Audio 2000-Watt Amp 

This is probably Skar Audio’s goldfish due to the highly optimized power system. Both affordable and efficient, this model is fitted to put out over 2800 watts maximum power at 1 ohm. Also, the model features a MOSFET power supply, four-way protection circuitry, and a high-quality PCB design.

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