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5 Outstanding 2000 Watts Amps

If you are looking forward to enhancing your car’s sound system, an amplifier is what you probably need. This device makes sure that your car delivers the full capacity of a sound while still sounding clear and smooth.

You can easily say that the amp is the central key to an outstanding car sound system, mainly because it gives you access to everything from bass to speaker output and distortion. However, there’s more to an amp than improving your sound system. Apart from power, the perfect amplifier has to provide efficacy regarding internal components, and also match the magnitude and power of the speakers. One mistake that enthusiasts usually make is to overcrowd their cars with speakers. This is not particularly good mainly because it causes a disproportionate sound.

Why a 2000 watt amplifier?

The number says it all. A 2000 watt amplifier is there to give you the ultimate sound experience. As much as it’s fascinating, it also comes with responsibilities. For instance, it’s of big importance, when you buy such a grand amplifier, to upgrade the subwoofer too so that it matches the unit.

Best 2000 watt amps

1. Hifonics Zeus  

Just as its name suggests, this 2000 watt amp is an almighty sound unit. At only 200 dollars, this model delivers a wide array of versatile functions. Thus, you can control whether you want to power up the entire speaker system or just the subwoofers and some mids. Concerning the external material, Hifonics made sure to equip the model with a layer of an aluminum heatsink to minimize the chances of overheating. As for the bass, you can bet on a leveled and proportionate response.

2. SCV 2000D  

Although costlier than Hifonics’ Zeus, SVC 2000D is accredited by the connoisseurs to deliver an impeccable sound power. Designed for subwoofers, this model provides maybe the best harmonious and clear sound performance. Also, SVC 2000D is optimized to filter low-end infrasound that ensures greater headroom and volume.

3. Pyle PLTA580

 Having been designed for larger vehicles, this amplifier requires a 24 DC battery to power it and is more flexible to a larger number of speakers. Unlike the other amps, this one caters to a wide array of features such as a MOSFET switch power supplies that balances the voltages, high and low filters alike, and pulse width modulation technology. At 200 dollars, Pyle PLTA580 comes with blue-ribbon RCA connectors and air-induction.

4. Rockville DB12 2000 Watt Car Amplifier 

This is a mono car amp that has both a fancy design and competitive functions. With a fully adjustable 12 dB/octave crossover, as well as a 12 dB bass equalizer this model, will provide you with a smooth and clean sound. Moreover, it has a subsonic filter that clears out the infrasound, mute function, and a Delay Soft Start System.

5. Skar Audio 2000-Watt Amp 

This is probably Skar Audio’s goldfish due to the highly optimized power system. Both affordable and efficient, this model is fitted to put out over 2800 watts maximum power at 1 ohm. Also, the model features a MOSFET power supply, four-way protection circuitry, and a high-quality PCB design.

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How to make a Delicious Potato Salad

This is a recipe for the most delicious potato salad. I happened to receive this recipe from my maternal grandmother. The recipe had a very special ingredient used for its dressing. It is this secret ingredient that made me have a complete change in attitude towards potato salad because before I got it, I initially hated potato salads with great passion. But for now, I am a great potato salad lover! From my life-changing experience with it, I now see it worth to share it with you, and I believe that at the end of it, you will also be converted into a potato salad lover, just like me.
As stated earlier, the recipe came from my grandmother, and on it, was the title ” Recipe on the best ever potato salad”. Originally, I had thought that the title was just meant to advertise the power of the whole thing but after a careful consideration, I just came to believe that the recipe was 100% warranted. The reason behind it is that I value the basic education acquired by those old-school families and second, the confidence that my grandmother had in calling it “the best” was very much promising, and lastly, there is a secret ingredient that makes it get to the top. So, when I tell you that this is the best recipe ever, I am so comfortable with it.
And this secret powerful ingredient is Bacon drippings. You see, this is the dressing that makes this potato salad so special, together with all the other ingredients that add flavor to it.
By frying the bacon, you end up saving a good amount of Dijon mustard, a pinch of salt, sugar, a tablespoon of bacon drippings and some good amounts of mayonnaise. All these make it have an amazing and perfect flavor and awesome texture. Since I came to like it, I have also prepared some to people, who claimed that they never liked it before just like me. I have also done the same for people who originally have this belief that they can’t taste anything prepared by someone else other than their mothers or grandmothers. But believe me; they have all fallen for it. In fact, most have openly declared that they have never tasted a better potato salad before.
So, there we are. You might like this recipe and decide to keep it for your future picnics and parties. Let’s prepare this delicious potato salad now.

1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
4 eggs( hard-boiled, peeled and chopped)
2 teaspoons sugar( granulated)
2 pounds of red potatoes ( cut them into small cubes)
170 grams of mayonnaise
I package of bacon ( cut it into 1-inch pieces)
1 teaspoon of salt
1 stalk of celery ( finely diced)
green pepper ( finely diced)
1 yellow onion ( finely diced)

Boil the potatoes until they are tender.
Cook the bacon over medium-low heat. Drain the bacon to remove the drippings using a slotted spoon. Place the drippings on a plate lined with a paper towel. Pour off all the bacon drippings into the skillet that you used to cook the bacon and then remove the pan from the heat. Just reserve 2 spoonfuls of bacon drippings.
Add your mayonnaise, sugar, mustard, and salt to the bacon drippings to the 2 tablespoons of bacon drippings that you have reserved. Whisk them for them to combine.
Combine the potatoes, celery, eggs, onion and green pepper in a large bowl. Pour the bacon dressing over the ingredients and stir it gently so as to coat them gently.
Cover and keep it in a refrigerator for about 3 hours before serving. You can store the leftovers covered in a refrigerator for about 4 days.

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Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne for Men – 2018 Review

Studies show that a man’s scent is one of the main things that women look for when looking for a potential match. Smelling good is not only good towards the ladies, it can determine how people relate with you as well as boost your confidence. I am personally a big fan of colognes and their distinct smell.

One of my all-time favorite cologne is the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne for Men.

This manly fragrance has been on the market for over a decade now and still remains one of the most sought-after colognes for men. You exhibit a self-indulgent, sweet crème smell complimented by a whiff of tobacco to enhance your masculinity. If you are looking for a cologne that will demand attention and command respect, look no further than the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne for Men.


I must admit that I have been a fan of the Alfred Dunhill collection for some time until I discovered the Tom Ford series of tobacco enriched colognes. I have been wearing Tom Ford cologne for quite some time and can attest that the Tobacco Vanille Cologne is my favourite. There is a bold and sweet smell exhibited by the cologne, which makes it both a professional and casual preference for any man.

A precise mixture of Tonka Beans (Dipteryx odorata), sweet vanilla and cacao have been blended and complemented with mild tobacco. The sweet, strong and masculine scent blend into a multi-faceted concoction bound to leave an impressive first impression. The impression left by the fragrance attracts you to indulge yourself in luxurious basest desires while smelling like a rich vanilla dessert. The perfect combination of a dried fruit and vanilla with a mild tobacco scent. The kind that a top executive would wear to a high-end occasion or executive meeting.

One outstanding feature about the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne is its fragrance longevity. I have tried concentrated colognes from other brands and can attest that none matches the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. After wearing the cologne for one day, I realized that my shirt still smelled the same weeks after. Although mild, the vanilla and tobacco scent still sticks after a long time.

Smelling good is essential especially when it comes to meeting the opposite sex. This cologne guarantees to give you an easy time with the ladies, if not sweep them off their feet, literally. I have been wearing this cologne for a long time and can attest that my encounter with ladies has improved drastically. The masculine background scent helps to boost your confidence and command attention for the modern man.

There are few cologne brands that guarantee the three things that matter in a man’s cologne i.e. masculinity, sweet smell and long-lasting scent. If you are looking for a cologne that will exhibit luxury, boost your confidence and command attention, the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne is an ideal choice. It not only smells nice but also strong and exhibits a sweet reserved and commanding scent commonly associated with top executives.

Bottom Line: The Tobacco Vanille is the ideal cologne for the confident, wealthy and modern man, not afraid to take risks.

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Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine

Are you a coffee lover? Is the search exhausting? Search no more. Most coffee lovers have replaced the traditional coffee maker at home with the new single-serve brewing systems. The popularity of Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine is fascinating.

The appliances design and its functionality simply make it unique from the rest. The suitability of having such appliances and also the eminence of the beverages that it gives has led to its reputation. Having been among the best coffee making machines, here are some of its features;

Large water reservoir

This super appliance has a large water reservoir that is approximately 70oz that enables you to brew more than eight cups before refilling. This saves you a lot of time and also makes your morning routine simple. These water reservoirs are detachable hence make it easy for refilling at any particular time.

Color touchscreen

The presence of the large color touch screen cannot go unnoticed. It has a clock that is automated hence making it tranquil to make a garden-fresh and good tasting cup of coffee within a minute or even less.

It is programmed to automatically turn on and off at the times set in a way that it would always be standby when you want it, hence conservation of energy. The machine, therefore, cuts your cost of energy and also makes life a little more comfortable.

Control setting

The power of the machine’s control setting is made in such a way to enable you to brew a bolder cup with any K-Cup shell brew size. The temperature settings availed in this appliance makes it possible for you to enjoy your preferred drink at your temperature preference. This is a feature that is not present in other coffee making machines.

Detachable drip tray and hot water dispensation

The Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine gives out hot water by only opening and closing the handle of the brewer without necessarily using a pod. This aids you in the selection of any preferred beverage size.

Additionally, it has detachable drip tray at the bottom of the coffee making machine and this, therefore, makes the cleaning very easy. With this in mind, you save a lot of time and also less energy is required.

K-Cup Pod brews sizes

The coffee making machine comes with K-Cup pod brew sizes that vary from 12, 10,8,6,4 oz. It brews a Carafe of 22, 26 or 30oz with the pods that provide you with supplementary coffee every time you are in need of it. The presence of the sizes enables you to get the size that is appropriate for you and work towards ensuring consumer satisfaction.

Every appliance must have pros and cons. The Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine has the following;


· Time Effective-The appliance can make a cup of coffee within a very short time. In fact, it does this in less than a minute or so.

· Automated System- the operation of the whole appliance is controlled by only one button. Something that other instant coffee makers don’t have.

· Wide selection of beverages-this amazing system can be vastly used in choosing a variety of beverages like cappuccino, decaf, and caffeinated drinks, cold and hot tea among others.

· Functionality- the system has detachable reservoirs that are refilled easily from the kitchen nozzle.


· The fact that Keurig has a single serve purpose is a challenge in situations where you want to make several beverages at the same time.

· K-Cups are not recyclable hence not cost effective since every time you need to drink coffee you will have to buy them.

Evidently, Keurig is a respectable label on the coffee maker industry. With it comes advanced features and is incredibly friendly to the user. Are you ready to have quality coffee daily? Are you tired of spending a lot of your time and money looking for quality coffee? Keurig will not let you down. It gives you more than what you would expect. It definitely has you covered.

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Ladies Win Your Men With Inflatable Hot Tubs

When the term hot tub is mentioned, most of us tend to envision lounging with family members or hanging out with a group of friends. These machines have long been a popular source of entertainment for homeowners, regardless of the season and having one as a gift is a dream for anybody.

Many people especially ladies have been wondering what gift they could give to their husbands or boyfriends this Valentine, a hot tub maybe? Inflatable hot tub would drive them mad. A little advice for the ladies on how to acquire the best one and what to look for is explained below.

In the market these days, you will be able to find different styles of hot tubs that are inflatable, and they are also available in many sizes, brands, and you can choose from one that can sit one up to six individuals. With this in mind for the ladies, you will admire its portability.

inflatable hot tub
inflatable hot tub

The materials used for the hot tub that has helped modernize the experience are nylon, plastic, and vinyl. Because of these, the hot tub is just light and can be carried anywhere you like which is another bonus since most guys love outdoor experience in different places of your backyard. For those who get affected by the cold during winter then this hot tub is the ideal gift to get them since it’s easy to set-up.

The cost aside, the hot tub can offer you the same luxury as a permanent hot tub, without any of the hassles. To clearly show that its the convenient gift to give your man is, you can fill it and enjoy a hydro massage no matter where you are. It can be used for camping, in the backyard, for parties and even if you have a summer getaway.

inflatable hot tub
inflatable hot tub

It is the ideal gift for the boys because you do not have to worry about maintaining the hot tub when you are not using it. Several sizes of inflatable hot tubes are available, ranging from small two person spas to larger ones capable of holding eight adults. Like anything you get for your home, there’s a range of styles, though that range can be constrained by the need to make everything inflatable. You can also buy accessories for your inflatable hot tub.

The inflatable hot tub can offer you all of the advantages of a permanent hot tub without the cost and inconvenience of installation. You can purchase it for a lot less than you would pay for a permanent hot tub and take it with you anywhere you like. For people who enjoy submerging themselves in a ‘hot tub’, this can provide lots of advantages. There is no special plumbing required and filling it can be done with the use of a hose. Furthermore, this can be easily snapped apart if one wishes to move to a different location for a special event.

This is one great gift for any person that enjoys sitting in a ‘hot tub’. With an ‘inflatable hot tub’, one can simply let the cares of the day slip away. Enjoy the comfort of the hot water that soothes and relaxes the tired muscles in your space or any location you wish. This is absolutely a great alternative to a big solid hot tub.Ladies make you men feel loved.

Check out Savant Magazine’s list for the best inflatable hot tubs.

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Why You Have Problems With Your TV Antenna

A large number of people enjoy and love watching television as it is a great way of relaxing and also learning new things due to the massive information available. In order to enjoy television shows and programmes better, we need to have crystal clear pictures, vibrant colors and vivid details.

Most people have invested in digital television in order to elevate their television watching pleasure and escape poor signal issues. This explains why most people are frustrated when their reception begins acting up. Whenever you experience issues with your TV signals then there are a few culprits that could be causing them.

Why do we experience signal problems?

Signal problems are caused by a myriad of factors depending on your location and country. Below are some of these factors that lead to poor signals:

TV Antenna Issues

Digital TV antennas having improper direction, gain, bandwidth or height are likely to lead to a number of reception woes. In order to get a clear reception, you must invest in an antenna that has a lower gain if your area has a strong reception. This is mostly so in the areas near the transmitters.

If you live far away from the transmitter, then it would be appropriate to go for a higher gain antenna which is suitable for comparatively weaker signals. The antenna should also be mounted higher if you are based in an area that is far away from the TV signal source.

Antenna Condition and Direction

Condition of the antenna is a major determinant of the resulting reception on the TV. The messy, old and dilapidated antennas are highly likely to get a poor reception at the end of the day. Rust, bird droppings and broken rods have also been found to deteriorate the signal quality. In addition, the direction that the antenna faces also affects the quality of reception. It is important to ensure that the antenna’s backend points to the direction where the signal originates from for a clearer and better picture quality.

Connectors and Cables

If you are sure that there is no fault with your antenna, you should then consider the connections that exist between your antenna and the digital TV. The connectors ought to be the recommended type or even above to get optimum reception. The connectors should be of the highest quality to ensure that your signal does not suffer any loss leading to its deterioration. Inspect all your connectors and cables to ensure that there are no bad connectors, loose joints and broken cables.

Blindspots or Interference

Another common reason for experiencing poor TV reception could be the electromagnetic interference from appliances or cell phones in the house. Strong transmitters and ground obstacles present in an area can also distort the reception and cause various blind spots on its coverage. You can rectify this problem by changing the antenna height, location or both of them.

Choosing the Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna

A huge number of people today use satellite, cable, internet and digital TV platforms to enjoy their favorite TV channels. These services require some subscription but if you are considering cutting on these costs, you will need a good outdoor antenna.

* The RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV antenna is one of the best outdoor HDTV antennas available on the market. It guarantees you of watching top-rated HDTV network favorite shows and programming for free without any monthly subscriptions.

* According to

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Fishing in the 21st Century, the Fun Way

Fishing is a recreational sport most people enjoy. It means a day of peace and tranquility, bonding with family, and enjoying the magnificence of the ocean. This relaxing activity is more than a great water sport, but is likewise a great social outlet. Exchanging stories, challenging each other, and sharing the hard work make fishing with others a rewarding experience. Whether you fish for sport or to take home fish, recreational fishing is continually made better with contemporary accessories and tools.

We are living in the modern world where people exhibit fast paced lifestyles, and technology has mostly sucked up people in their computers or relying on their gadgets throughout the day. But in no way should it hinder you from socializing, going outdoors and enjoying nature! Who thought you can’t possibly combine fishing with technology? They actually form a perfect combination that produces something very remarkable.

In today’s times, fishing and fishers have changed quite a bit as technology has opened up better ways that make life easier. It has introduced bright ideas and new, incredible ways of fishing which makes it absolutely more fun and more interesting. Discover how fishing in the 21st century is done by means of the simplest yet the best equipment and gadgets. Catch and try them out before the chance slips away!

1. Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

There are now stand up paddle boards specially designed for fishers. The thrill and excitement of fishing heightened by doing it while standing on your paddle board is unparalleled by any other experience! Spending time with a group workout while having fun, bonding and fishing with your father or son, or alone savoring the quiet surroundings and majestic ocean view set to catch that big fish, can all be achieved with SUP.

Paddle boards are preferable over kayaks and canoes since you have a better, unobstructed view while simply standing over your stable board and holding on to your paddle. It’s easier to unload and unload on any vehicle when traveling to your fishing destination, and fairly easy to carry around with its considerably lightweight quality, yet there’s still room for more fish to bring home. Paddling can be achieved very quietly, allowing you to sneak and bait your target fish. On top of it all, you get some great exercise while having fun doing what you love on the water!

2. Quadcopter Fishing

Another proof of how technology and the innovation of people has led to many great discoveries is the fact that some people are now fishing with their quadcopters! Technology does not necessarily pertain to something expensive, but can be acquired at a cost that’s a lot cheaper compared to what professional companies utilize to track an abundance of fish. An RC drone or quadcopter is ideal for both the recreational and commercial fisherman.

The biggest challenge commercial fishers are faced with is finding a large school of fish which can be time consuming. A quadcopter equipped with both a camera and professional sonar can effectively hover over the best spots quickly and easily. The sonar informs you how deep the fish are while the camera presents a visual cue of the perfect boat position. This makes the best tool to bring when venturing into new areas of the seas. The best reason to use it? It will not only help you locate fish, spot the best spots, know where and when to take action, but you can really catch fish with it!

Sounds too easy for you? See with your own eyes how this guy caught a fish, which may have even been caught in surprise with the quadcopter! Watch the short clip at:

…and ask yourself if this is how you will react once you catch a fish on your own with the help of your very own quadcopter. Obviously, he’s had a hilarious time and an unforgettable first ever experience catching this fish. You can have it too or if you have a kid, let your child share the fun by getting this useful piece of technology. Don’t forget to capture moments in photos. No, not the usual you and the fish, but let your quadcopter take an aerial picture of yourself, your awesome catch and the entire backdrop. Better yet, relive your fishing adventure by recording a video clip and share it with everyone!