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Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine

Are you a coffee lover? Is the search exhausting? Search no more. Most coffee lovers have replaced the traditional coffee maker at home with the new single-serve brewing systems. The popularity of Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine is fascinating.

The appliances design and its functionality simply make it unique from the rest. The suitability of having such appliances and also the eminence of the beverages that it gives has led to its reputation. Having been among the best coffee making machines, here are some of its features;

Large water reservoir

This super appliance has a large water reservoir that is approximately 70oz that enables you to brew more than eight cups before refilling. This saves you a lot of time and also makes your morning routine simple. These water reservoirs are detachable hence make it easy for refilling at any particular time.

Color touchscreen

The presence of the large color touch screen cannot go unnoticed. It has a clock that is automated hence making it tranquil to make a garden-fresh and good tasting cup of coffee within a minute or even less.

It is programmed to automatically turn on and off at the times set in a way that it would always be standby when you want it, hence conservation of energy. The machine, therefore, cuts your cost of energy and also makes life a little more comfortable.

Control setting

The power of the machine’s control setting is made in such a way to enable you to brew a bolder cup with any K-Cup shell brew size. The temperature settings availed in this appliance makes it possible for you to enjoy your preferred drink at your temperature preference. This is a feature that is not present in other coffee making machines.

Detachable drip tray and hot water dispensation

The Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine gives out hot water by only opening and closing the handle of the brewer without necessarily using a pod. This aids you in the selection of any preferred beverage size.

Additionally, it has detachable drip tray at the bottom of the coffee making machine and this, therefore, makes the cleaning very easy. With this in mind, you save a lot of time and also less energy is required.

K-Cup Pod brews sizes

The coffee making machine comes with K-Cup pod brew sizes that vary from 12, 10,8,6,4 oz. It brews a Carafe of 22, 26 or 30oz with the pods that provide you with supplementary coffee every time you are in need of it. The presence of the sizes enables you to get the size that is appropriate for you and work towards ensuring consumer satisfaction.

Every appliance must have pros and cons. The Keurig K475 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Machine has the following;


· Time Effective-The appliance can make a cup of coffee within a very short time. In fact, it does this in less than a minute or so.

· Automated System- the operation of the whole appliance is controlled by only one button. Something that other instant coffee makers don’t have.

· Wide selection of beverages-this amazing system can be vastly used in choosing a variety of beverages like cappuccino, decaf, and caffeinated drinks, cold and hot tea among others.

· Functionality- the system has detachable reservoirs that are refilled easily from the kitchen nozzle.


· The fact that Keurig has a single serve purpose is a challenge in situations where you want to make several beverages at the same time.

· K-Cups are not recyclable hence not cost effective since every time you need to drink coffee you will have to buy them.

Evidently, Keurig is a respectable label on the coffee maker industry. With it comes advanced features and is incredibly friendly to the user. Are you ready to have quality coffee daily? Are you tired of spending a lot of your time and money looking for quality coffee? Keurig will not let you down. It gives you more than what you would expect. It definitely has you covered.