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Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne for Men – 2018 Review

Studies show that a man’s scent is one of the main things that women look for when looking for a potential match. Smelling good is not only good towards the ladies, it can determine how people relate with you as well as boost your confidence. I am personally a big fan of colognes and their distinct smell.

One of my all-time favorite cologne is the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne for Men.

This manly fragrance has been on the market for over a decade now and still remains one of the most sought-after colognes for men. You exhibit a self-indulgent, sweet crème smell complimented by a whiff of tobacco to enhance your masculinity. If you are looking for a cologne that will demand attention and command respect, look no further than the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne for Men.


I must admit that I have been a fan of the Alfred Dunhill collection for some time until I discovered the Tom Ford series of tobacco enriched colognes. I have been wearing Tom Ford cologne for quite some time and can attest that the Tobacco Vanille Cologne is my favourite. There is a bold and sweet smell exhibited by the cologne, which makes it both a professional and casual preference for any man.

A precise mixture of Tonka Beans (Dipteryx odorata), sweet vanilla and cacao have been blended and complemented with mild tobacco. The sweet, strong and masculine scent blend into a multi-faceted concoction bound to leave an impressive first impression. The impression left by the fragrance attracts you to indulge yourself in luxurious basest desires while smelling like a rich vanilla dessert. The perfect combination of a dried fruit and vanilla with a mild tobacco scent. The kind that a top executive would wear to a high-end occasion or executive meeting.

One outstanding feature about the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne is its fragrance longevity. I have tried concentrated colognes from other brands and can attest that none matches the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. After wearing the cologne for one day, I realized that my shirt still smelled the same weeks after. Although mild, the vanilla and tobacco scent still sticks after a long time.

Smelling good is essential especially when it comes to meeting the opposite sex. This cologne guarantees to give you an easy time with the ladies, if not sweep them off their feet, literally. I have been wearing this cologne for a long time and can attest that my encounter with ladies has improved drastically. The masculine background scent helps to boost your confidence and command attention for the modern man.

There are few cologne brands that guarantee the three things that matter in a man’s cologne i.e. masculinity, sweet smell and long-lasting scent. If you are looking for a cologne that will exhibit luxury, boost your confidence and command attention, the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne is an ideal choice. It not only smells nice but also strong and exhibits a sweet reserved and commanding scent commonly associated with top executives.

Bottom Line: The Tobacco Vanille is the ideal cologne for the confident, wealthy and modern man, not afraid to take risks.