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Why You Have Problems With Your TV Antenna

A large number of people enjoy and love watching television as it is a great way of relaxing and also learning new things due to the massive information available. In order to enjoy television shows and programmes better, we need to have crystal clear pictures, vibrant colors and vivid details.

Most people have invested in digital television in order to elevate their television watching pleasure and escape poor signal issues. This explains why most people are frustrated when their reception begins acting up. Whenever you experience issues with your TV signals then there are a few culprits that could be causing them.

Why do we experience signal problems?

Signal problems are caused by a myriad of factors depending on your location and country. Below are some of these factors that lead to poor signals:

TV Antenna Issues

Digital TV antennas having improper direction, gain, bandwidth or height are likely to lead to a number of reception woes. In order to get a clear reception, you must invest in an antenna that has a lower gain if your area has a strong reception. This is mostly so in the areas near the transmitters.

If you live far away from the transmitter, then it would be appropriate to go for a higher gain antenna which is suitable for comparatively weaker signals. The antenna should also be mounted higher if you are based in an area that is far away from the TV signal source.

Antenna Condition and Direction

Condition of the antenna is a major determinant of the resulting reception on the TV. The messy, old and dilapidated antennas are highly likely to get a poor reception at the end of the day. Rust, bird droppings and broken rods have also been found to deteriorate the signal quality. In addition, the direction that the antenna faces also affects the quality of reception. It is important to ensure that the antenna’s backend points to the direction where the signal originates from for a clearer and better picture quality.

Connectors and Cables

If you are sure that there is no fault with your antenna, you should then consider the connections that exist between your antenna and the digital TV. The connectors ought to be the recommended type or even above to get optimum reception. The connectors should be of the highest quality to ensure that your signal does not suffer any loss leading to its deterioration. Inspect all your connectors and cables to ensure that there are no bad connectors, loose joints and broken cables.

Blindspots or Interference

Another common reason for experiencing poor TV reception could be the electromagnetic interference from appliances or cell phones in the house. Strong transmitters and ground obstacles present in an area can also distort the reception and cause various blind spots on its coverage. You can rectify this problem by changing the antenna height, location or both of them.

Choosing the Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna

A huge number of people today use satellite, cable, internet and digital TV platforms to enjoy their favorite TV channels. These services require some subscription but if you are considering cutting on these costs, you will need a good outdoor antenna.

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